Prezi lost :-(


I would like to retrieve a prezi that is no longer in my list of presentations. I’m sure I didn’t delete it.
It was available at this address:

How to do this? I need it as proof of work done on a European project.


Hello @REMY_DJALOYAN, could you tell us the title of the presentation and when it disappeared from your dashboard? Were there any collaborators added to the presentation or were you added as a collaborator to it? Thanks in advance for any further information.

Hello, the prezi had the following information in his name:
“COPIL INFORMA PLUS” and “Bastide des Jourdans”
The prezi was shared with a colleague at work.
The last sharing link was this:
I think it has disappeared from my board since I switched my account to EDU-standard.

The prezi was based on the model: “Content Wall”

Thank you in advance
Merci d’avance