Prezi Mobile on iPhone



None my Prezi’s are current on my iPhone app. How embarrassing it was when I went to show my client the newest presentation and it was not up to date. Thanks Prezi! :frowning:

I pulled the screen down to see if it would up load. NOPE! Is the app now missing features too? Yeah, I am REALLY upset and frustrated.


Hello, @RobinsNest_Pro. I am sorry if you faced with any inconvenience. Is it possible that your phone was not connected to a network at when that happened? Is the issue still there?


No, I was on high speed wifi. The issue is still there. I have nothing more current than 3 days ago now. :frowning:


Could you please try logging out of the app and logging in again?


I deleted the app and then reinstalled it. Still not updating. . .


In that case, please send us a screenshot of the app, the version of the application, the iOS version and a link to the presentation in question. Thank you.


Sent you a message


Thank you for the detailed information. Please know that the application should refresh the list of presentations that were previously correctly synced with the cloud during these steps:

  • upon starting the app
  • every time the list of presentations appears
  • after the “pull” that is meant to refresh the list

If none of these make the change, the issue might be connected to the server.


The problem must by with Prezi because I used 4 different servers/internet services.

This morning I tried it again and FINALLY it is updated. It took 6 DAYS for this error to be fixed. Not good for my clients NOR for Prezi. Yes, I am a bit ticked off for this AND all the other problems/shortcomings of Prezi Next.



I am glad it got updated and I am sorry you have faced with this. As I said, potentially, the issue could have been connected to the server. However, I am afraid, I would not be able to provide more information in connection to this.