Prezi needs Flash Player 11.1 or better. Upgrade


Hi, I uploaded adobe flash player, but your site still says I cannot edit and I have to upgrade Flash player. I have yosemite on mac. How can I work on my prezi? Please answer as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve the same problem with a prezi embed on a wix site. I did the upgrade, and I can work on my prezi in prezi site but the prezi is not visible on wix site (embed). Why? I try with Firefox and with Google chrome. Till last week it was perfectly visible and usable in wix site. What can I do? Thanks

I’ve tried with Safari too :frowning: unsuccessfully

 I tried with firefox and it works. I does not work at all on chrome. Ciao

Hello Vera,

thanks a lot, now everything is ok on the site, perhaps it was a problem of wix.
Thanks indeed for your support.