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Hello there,

i’m new on Prezi. I tried some of the Templates and startet too look into Prezi.
(I’m currently using the free version)

I had some questions:

Animation: Are there only the 4 current animation or is there a possibility that u can have more?
Zoom: i dont mean the “zoom animation” but the zoom itself in the presentation when you modify some areas, is there a shortcut like in Photoshop to have a personal zoom on objects or can i just zoom on them with double click?
Mask: i saw a template with a fixed puzzle in it where u could change the image on it with yours. Is it possible to make something like that to or is it just possible in that template?
Templates: I wanted to ask if there is a way to get more templates or are the current one’s the normal amount of them.
Font: is there a way to load more fonts or are those the only one’s.

Thanks for your answer,

from Leonardo


@Leonardo_Biondi -

Animation - yes Prezi is very limited on animation. It just has fade in, out, and zoom.
Zoom - not sure what you are asking
Mask - you can change the images on any prezi. Right-click and select replace image.
Templates - the only ones available are the ones built into Prezi. They do add more every 3 or 4 months. I recommend starting from scratch and creating your own.
Fonts - you can’t upload your own fonts

Hope this helps. I recommend taking one of my online Prezi courses

Robin Pierman, Prezi Expert at