Prezi next app does not sync


I have an issue with syncing in the app. I have to prezis that are not particulary big and a stable internet connection but the content of the prezis I cannot download. Can this be a corporate firewall issue? Any others that experience the same issue?

This issue is usually caused by firewall settings indeed.

To make sure that your firewall or security settings are not preventing your computer from accessing Prezi, please take the following steps:

  • Make sure that JavaScript, cookies, and pop-ups are allowed for in the browser you are using.

  • Check that this is also the case with any firewall software, browser privacy add-on, or similar software that you may be running on your computer.

  • Make sure that pop-ups are allowed in your browser privacy add-on or firewall software for:

These settings usually do the trick but please let us know if you are still experiencing the same problem.


Same Sync failure issue after updating to 1.6.6

@Robert_Malone Did you try the same firewall settings? Please let me know.

I have nothing changed at my end. Same firewall as I have always had. However, I tried forcing my default browser to be Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge, which then allowed the Sync. Not good. Still, this is a minor issue compared to the unusable poor lagging and jittery performance of Next.


@Robert_Malone Microsoft Edge is currently not supported for editing, just for viewing presentations, that could have caused the issue. You can see our browser requirements in this article.

We apologize for the difficulties you faced, and we’re working hard to optimize Prezi Next to provide a smoother editing and presenting experience.

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greatings Roel, i wanna know if you fix your issue with prezi app

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Hi, I have problem with prezi next desktop sync. I checked all firewall, popup, cookies and java script settings you mentioned. Still, one of my presentations wouldn’t sync and wouldn’t load for editing.
I tried logging out and in, but it didn’t work either.
While working on my presentation, I saved it locally. What happens if I uninstall and reinstall the app? Or is there any recommendation?!

Hi @narges_d, we recommend reinstalling the desktop app with this link and if that doesn’t help, please try the following:

  • If you are connected to an office network please try to change the network (maybe hotspot via phone)
  • If you have any security software activated, please disable it while the app is trying to sync.

I hope this helps!

Dear Laura, thank you for your help. If I try reinstalling the app, wouldn’t it delete not-synced presentation?

Hello @narges_d, could you please send me a link to the presentation or let me know the title so I can see the last time it was synced to our servers?

You can also try to create a new document (do not make a copy of the broken one) and copy-paste the content of the broken one into the new one to see if that solves the issue.

You can highlight everything in your presentation if you press CTRL + A right after loading the presentation.

Dear Bart,
My problem was fixed by switching from office network to personal hotspot.
Thanks and regards

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