Prezi Next app on Promethean - no scroll feature?

When presenting using the prezi app on my promethean board I have no scroll tool on the bottom. It’s there on my Classics, but not those that I’ve converted to Prezi Next. I have the feature on my desktop, allowing my to scroll through when presenting, to say, slide 50. I would very much like to have this feature, can anyone help?

Hello @Eric_Toft, could you please test using different screen ratios and check if the scrollbar shows up? You can see how to change this in your presentations through this short tutorial.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey Catarina,
Thanks for the advice, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried all of the screen ratios to no avail. It looks like the prezi viewer app that I obtained through the google play store only offers the “Viewer” option, not the “Presenter” option. As such, the feature I really need, the scrolling tool, isn’t there. I have large presentations, I’m talking like 200 slides, and to have to click, one by one, to get to where I’ve left off, say slide 103, is not something I want to do.
If you, or anyone else, has advice as to how to get the “Presenter” view to work using the prezi viewer app, I’m all ears.
Catarina, thank you again for taking the time to lend me a hand!

@Eric_Toft could you please try to reconvert one of these Classic presentations again and check if the scrollbar shows up?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

I made a copy of a different Classic presentation as you suggested but no dice. Prezi support got back to me and apparently the Presenter view is only available on a desktop computer, not through a Promethean board. It’s frustrating because the feature works for my Classic presentations on the Promethean. One would think that an “upgrade” would include such a useful feature.
I can connect my PC to my promethean and run it that way, enabling the scrolling feature but the trade off is that I have to run the presentation from my computer, effectively chaining me to my desk. When its hooked up that way the ability to touch the board to advance slides doesn’t work. I’ve tried using a wireless remote but for some reason it isn’t working. Those issues may have more to do with the hardware that Prezi.
Thanks again for trying!

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Thanks for the detailed explanation @Eric_Toft, indeed it seems like with those hardware limitations it’s not very easy to connect Prezi with a Promethean board.

If you’re able to connected your computer with the board, you could also try to use a mobile device as your clicker, you can read more about it here. This option might work out :slight_smile: