Prezi Next Desktop crashes when used with LG OnScreen App

The LG On Screen Screen splitting app works well to organize Windows applications on a desktop. The On Screen application creates zones on a LG widescreen monitor an sections the screen into zones. This would be ideal for Prezi to keep the editor window independent of the presentation view as well as other applications.

However, if you try Prezi with the LG On Screen software and move the Prezi Next desktop app into different zones, the Prezi Desktop app will crash. Also, if you leave the app in one zone and click Present the Prezi presentation fills the entire screen instead of respecting the On Screen zones.

All other Windows apps respect the On Screen app screen split zones when move to different zones or maximized.

Hi @JJ_JJ, LG OnScreen application is not officially supported by Prezi, but I will forward your feedback to our product team.

I understand the statement of “official”. This LG app works very well with Windows applications that maintain native and standard windowing behaviors. This app reveals that the Prezi Next desktop application is probably not following some of these expected behaviors for native windows application.

Any Prezi desktop application should be certified for the OS target. For instance, for Windows consider a certification like:

Thanks, @JJ_JJ, I’ve forwarded this to our team, we’ll update this thread if we have any news.