Prezi Next desktop - Home and Back buttons are obstructing

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In a recent update of Prezi Next for the Desktop there are now two new actions that appear over the main editing area where we are working. In the editing area the Home and Back button appear as huge black circles on the right hand side of the main editor area. There are several other menus and wasted white space surrounding the primary editing area. The Home action is helpful, and there is already a back button on the top left area of the prezi window. If people really need these big fat buttons, then put them on the menu bar where the “Undo” action sits all by itself (with no Redo and with a tooltip that says just “undo”.). Not sure why the Undo is needed on a button bar, since its already in the text menu. Perhaps if you could ensure all actions are assigned key mnemonics, then you would not have to clutter and pepper the UI with these redundant actions.

It’s difficult enough to select items in the main editor view so why would the editor become more complicated by putting more top level click objects that now get in the way. With the buttons there, now there is less of an opportunity to use the mouse to select items that we need to edit in the editor view. Moreover. there is no way to hide the Home and Back button.

Adding these buttons on top of the main editing area is a really bad idea. Can you please provide a way to hide them?

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Hi @JJ_JJ, I have forwarded your feedback to our product team. We’ll let you know if we have any news regarding this subject.

I’ll weigh in here with the same opinion – that the buttons are in the way and also in an awkward location to be easily accessed during a presentation/discussion. I fully agree with moving them.

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Months ago I whined about the “Need Help?” action at the bottom of every editor. This is another example of the designers wanting to pepper the editor area with actions that are outside and unrelated to me editing the presentation. Now there are 3 actions that have graphical elements on top of my editor that I cannot remove and get in my way. “Home”, “Back” and “Need Help”. All three actions are already available on the outside menus. I wish there was a way to hide them.

Allow me add a further issues with this same design problem that continues to creep into the editor. Recently a feature was added so that if you wanted an element to move from the current view to the parent view you can drag the element to the top left corner “hot spot” and leave it there for a brief time and the element is moved out to the parent view. This is insanely annoying, because I often want to move items to the top-left of the view and micro adjust the placements. During this editing, this aggressive hot spot insists on throwing the element up to the parent AND it changes my view to the parent view. This forces the author to have to undo and navigate the locus back to the editing place before being interrupted. I would like to turn this very annoying feature off. If I want to move an element from one place to another (no just the parent) then simple clipboard functions that have been around for 30+ years like Cut, Copy and Paste will work just fine.

Hi @JJ_JJ, thanks for the feedback, the Need Help button is there in the editor because that’s where you can access the chat support if your license includes it.

Please note, that if you hold down the CMD or CTRL button on your keyboard meanwhile you move any items to the top left corner it will not activate the hotspot and you can align your content freely.

Hope this helps!

Need Help button is there in the editor because that’s where you can access the chat support if your license includes it.

For whatever action it invokes, no action like this need to be inside the editing area.

hold down the CMD or CTRL button

You have the right idea, but the implementation of this keys feature is reversed. Those keys used to invoke the hotspot action, not to disable the hotspot. A user should not have to keep thinking, oh if I edit in this special vague area, I might have to hold down a key. Most people editing in that area will not be wanting to move items to the parent nor do they want to be overloaded with the mental work.

Hi @JJ_JJ, thanks for the feedback, we’ll get back to you once we have any news about these features.