Prezi Next desktop - Home and Back buttons are obstructing

Prezi Support:

In a recent update of Prezi Next for the Desktop there are now two new actions that appear over the main editing area where we are working. In the editing area the Home and Back button appear as huge black circles on the right hand side of the main editor area. There are several other menus and wasted white space surrounding the primary editing area. The Home action is helpful, and there is already a back button on the top left area of the prezi window. If people really need these big fat buttons, then put them on the menu bar where the “Undo” action sits all by itself (with no Redo and with a tooltip that says just “undo”.). Not sure why the Undo is needed on a button bar, since its already in the text menu. Perhaps if you could ensure all actions are assigned key mnemonics, then you would not have to clutter and pepper the UI with these redundant actions.

It’s difficult enough to select items in the main editor view so why would the editor become more complicated by putting more top level click objects that now get in the way. With the buttons there, now there is less of an opportunity to use the mouse to select items that we need to edit in the editor view. Moreover. there is no way to hide the Home and Back button.

Adding these buttons on top of the main editing area is a really bad idea. Can you please provide a way to hide them?

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Hi @JJ_JJ, I have forwarded your feedback to our product team. We’ll let you know if we have any news regarding this subject.

I’ll weigh in here with the same opinion – that the buttons are in the way and also in an awkward location to be easily accessed during a presentation/discussion. I fully agree with moving them.

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