Prezi Next Desktop: "Path settings" not working

I use Prezi Next Desktop and the option “Path settings” in the drop-down menu is not there. In the online version of Prezi, it works perfectly well but I cannot edit the path in the Desktop version. What is the problem? How to do it?
I use Prezi in German. Settings are “bearbeiten” and my understanding is that it should be there but it isn’t.

Same problem here, I dearly would like to have a solution.

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Has there been any software update? I did a Prezi last week and back then I do remember that I could edit the path in the Desktop version but it’s gone. The online help and all the Prezi videos say either you go to the Hamburger menu in the top right corner (online) or the settings (desktop) and click on “path settings”. In the online version, it works, in the desktop version, it doesn’t.

Hello everyone, thank you so much for reporting this, our development team is already looking into it, and we’ll update the thread as soon as we have any news.

Meanwhile, please use the online version if you wish to make any changes in your path.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation!

Hi! I have version 1.54.1 of Prezi Next Desktop and am unable to access the path settings feature. Can anyone please assist? Thanks!

Hello @Jack_Coleman, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please check the reply above?


I want to know if somebody find the option path on prezi desktop 1.54.1. (MAC)

Because i don’t find this option… :frowning:

You can find it with some difficulty on web editor (like image joint)… but don’t find it on Desktop App mac :slight_smile:

Some answer guy’s

The best


Hello @Prezcreation_Curgut, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please check the reply above? :slight_smile:

Catarina, thank you.

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Thank you Catarina :wink:

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@Jack_Coleman I’ve sent you a private message so we can better assist you!

Thank you! I am using Safari.

I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you I have the latest Version.

Thank you for solving this problem for me.

@Catarina can you tell the others who experience the same problem, also how to solve it? Or is it a secret, only @Jack_Coleman is allowed to fix :wink: Thanks!

I will do my best :+1:t3:


As you can see from this thread, I had the same problem with Prezi Next. Prezi knows about the issue and is supposedly going to make a correction soon.

At Prezi’s suggestion, I switched from the desktop version and instead used their website. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t locate the path settings so it was suggested I try another browser. I use Safari for all my web browsing so I changed to Google Chrome. Once I made this switch I was finally able to locate the path settings and successfully change how my slides moved from one to another.

Problem solved! :grinning:

I will admit, I do look forward to having this issue resolved with Prezi Next.

I appreciate Catrina’s assistance.


i do the same. i work on Prezi Desktop but i have the online version open and edit the path there before I switch back to the desktop version. That’s very annoying, considering that I pay annually for it.

@Jack_Coleman thanks a lot for confirming you were able to locate the path settings after switching to Chrome! If you’d like to use Safari, I’d recommend you to also try to clear cache/cookies :slight_smile:

@Dieter_Reinisch our development team is still working on the resolution of the path settings issue on the desktop application, and as soon as we have any news, we’ll immediately share it on this thread (Jack had a specific browser issue that was stopping him from accessing the path on his end, there are no secrets here :smiley:)

Hello everyone, the Path settings option is back in the desktop app, please make sure you have the latest version installed. :slight_smile: