Prezi NEXT does not work on Chromebook

I use Prezi Next with my students and if the connection is not perfect, the computers just get blocked. It happens in laptops and in every model of Chromebooks.

Last year everything was OK but this year is being a nightmare.

Please solve the problem!!

I am sorry you are experiencing this issue, but please note that Chromebooks run on ChromeOS, which is currently not a supported OS for Prezi.


I have a presentation on Prezi (work via a Chromebook), I just worked on it yesterday. Today it will not open on my Chromebook. When I open it at a co-workers system (Apple), there is no problem. Help me please!!


Hi @Steffie_Verbeek, I’m sorry for the difficulties you’ve been experiencing but please note that Chromebooks run on ChromeOS, which is currently not a supported OS for Prezi.

I use prezi in my classrooms, where I share the link with my students to preview the prezi and it used to work fine but for some reason when we came back over the weekend none of my students using a chrome book can see the prezi. They click the link and it comes up with a black screen?? We are set through a school security system and I spoke to our tech dept but they say everything is fine on there end. (they didnt block it) Did prezi update to a new system and I need to let them know?? (google chrome) chromebooks. Any one got any ideas???

Hi @Tammy_Watson, could you post here a full screenshot of how this black screen looks like exactly?
If you are using Chrome browser on the Chromebook, could you try to open the link by right-clicking on it and selecting “Open Link in Incognito Window” ?

Hi Bart
Here is a screenshot of what the students see on their chromebooks. Be aware if I sign in to prezi on my chrome book I see my presentations but students are not allowed at our school or in the state of NH to have accounts that would track there information. due to a new technology law for privacy of minors. So they can not sign in to prezi but it just started happening with the black screen. Student before this were able to view with no problems.

Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 10.09.38 AM.png

also to add to the screen shot. Our chromebooks are not allowed to open in Incognito. (school Security settings)

Hi @Tammy_Watson, I’ve merged your comments to the relevant topic.
Please note that, unfortunately, Chromebook runs ChromeOS which is not a supported operating system.

Hi again Bart

Can you explain to me why it had been working and know does not? did you change something in prezi??

Also my prezi are not in prezi next they are in classic. would that be some of the problem??

Hey @Tammy_Watson I think Prezi Classic will not run on a ChromeBook unless Flash is allowed, as Prezi Classic is based on Adobe Flash.

You can read more about allowing Flash in this thread. For the future of Prezi Classic, we also have an article here :slight_smile:

Hope this helped!

Yeah we did that. and I spoke to our tech and they have opened everything on our end. I’m wondering if you have done any resent updates that have caused it to show the black screen since adobe is being fazed out soon? or have made it so everyone needs to have an account and log in to view?

Hey @Tammy_Watson we’ve tested the presentations on a Chromebook and everything seems to run smoothly on our end when we tried to view the presentations. I think something on your end is blocking access to some of the services on the school network, which forbids the presentations to load.

I would ask the school’s IT department to try and whitelist all of the services Prezi uses. This article contains useful information in troubleshooting network and firewall related issues. It can be caused by the school’s firewall, a security software or anti-virus.

Hope this helped!

This is a MAJOR issue for me. All my speech presentations are on Prezi. All my kids are on Chromebooks, and that is what they will be using if we have to shut down again and go virtual. I guess I get to remake around 10 presentations on another platform on top of everything else I have to do since I’m teaching face-to-face and virtually at the same time.

Hi @Jennifer_Vernon, could you please specify what is not working properly for you on the Chromebooks so we can better investigate?

Chrome OS is not supported when you download a portable prezi, and students cannot view a presentation with it by going to the web site.

Hi @Jennifer_Vernon, please note that Chrome OS is officially not supported. I would recommend you to check this article.

Could you tell me what is the exact issue when your students are trying to view the presentation on the website?