Prezi Next doesn't work in Starbucks


I cannot open my presentations in Starbucks. All I get is a black screen. I don’t think it’s anything from the Cafes side, since I can load the dashboard.

Link to the presentation (if it helps):

Black screen - Can't edit my Prezi Next

I still have the same problem. Trying to work in a cafe, it just won’t work. I can access the dashboard page, but when I click on one of my prezis, the page goes blank and only the Prezi writing at the bottom i the black box is visible.

I disabled the GPU, but this won’t help. No difference.

Asked in the cafe, they have no firewall at all.

Please help


@Tatjana_von_Solodkof please share a link to your presentation and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Please note that public networks like the one in a café can be less reliable and also can have very heavy traffic from the guests. In order to edit a presentation in a browser, very stable internet connection is necessary. Please check if you experience the same issue on a different, more stable network (for example at home).



I checked at least 20 times over the course of four months or so whether I can access the presentations, but the same thing happened every time. I have at approx 20 presentations, none of them work. And the cafe was sometimes completely empty. I don’t have any issues with any other webpage there, so I don’t think that’s the reason.

Here’s the link:


Thank you for the link, it loads without any issues on my computer.

Which browser do you use? We have the best experience with the newest version of Google Chrome, but Firefox 64-bit or Safari should also do the job.


I tried both Chrome and Firefox - same result


Could you please confirm that you experience the same on different networks, as well? So far I could not reproduce the issue as your presentation loads without any issues on my computer.

In case it also loads for you on different networks, it means that the café doesn’t have the minimum bandwidth that is required for the editor to load sufficiently.


It does work in other networks.

But the “old” prezi classic worked perfectly in the cafe. Does the new one really require so much more loading? Prezi next is also the ONLY webpage I can’t load in this cafe, all other webpages, including e.g. shopping sites, work without any issues whatsoever.


I’m afraid this is not something we can troubleshoot as it seems to be connected to the network of the café.

Please also note that our desktop application is dedicated to situations like this where you need to work at a location with an unreliable or unstable internet connection. With the help of the desktop application, you can work offline. It is available with a Plus or Edu Plus license.