Prezi Next - Download failed

I initially installed Prezi on my computer which was setup with default documents path leading to my secondary hard-drive (D). So Prezi also automatically setup folders in my D drive.

Since then, I’ve gotten rid of my D drive and now Prezi doesn’t work. All i get is Download failed.

I went into windows 10 storage options, made sure to redirect all default save locations back to C. I also changed my documents back to the default C path.
I went ahead and uninstalled Prezi and reinstalled thinking that the program would “right” itself and recreate the path in document within the C drive but from what i can tell, it’s still trying to access the D as syncing doesn’t work. The presentation listed all say “Download failed” and I’m stuck… any ideas?

Could you please give us more details about drive D? Did you copy everything to drive C prior to getting rid of it? Do I get it right that instead of the 2-drive partition you only have drive C now?

Also, could you please check whether the folder is in the following location C:\Users\username\Documents\PreziPitch\Content?

Please note that you can change the default local storage by modifying the following registry key value. If it doesn’t exist, you can just create a new string value: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Prezi\Pitch\UserStorageRootFolder

Everything you said was accurate in regards to my drives.

It turns out that editing the registry key did the trick.

For some reason it was still pointing to the D drive… as soon as i changed it, everything loads and works fine.

*I think Prezi should have more advanced options to be able to change these types of attributes in settings.

But thanks!

I am glad it works.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Hi, it sounds like we are having the same issue as above however I am unsure as to how to follow the steps above.

Basically all of our Prezi root files are now stored under C>User>User Name>OneDrive>Documents rather than the usual C>User>Documents

I just wonder because everything is being stored essentially in the cloud this might be having issues downloading the content?

Hello @HSA_Marketing, do you receive any error messages when opening the application or you’re just not able to sync the presentations? Can you please try reinstalling the application? In case the problem persists please feel free to reach out to us.

No issues opening to software at all, just when I hit download it just hangs and then says Failed to Download.

Hello @HSA_Marketing, I would suggest connecting to a different network to see if that helps. It is possible that a firewall or another security software running on you computer is preventing you from syncing the presentations. Please consult this tutorial.

Sara, should this be the case for the desktop app!? Seems strange to have to alter all the browser whitelists to simply sync a presentation?

Hello @HSA_Marketing, yes, syncing issues in the desktop app are often caused by firewalls or security settings, especially when using Prezi in a school or work environment. Please try connecting to a different network and double check security settings. In case the problem still persists do not hesitate to contact me.


i tried to download the app and i got “download falied” message.

I don’t understand why… on windows 10 64 and version is Prezi.Next-x64-

this is a new laptop from my company. it worked before

if you have any idea?


Hello @christophe_fontaine, in case you’re using Prezi at your workplace (on a work computer) please make sure a firewall or another security software/security setting is not preventing you from installing the app. In case you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.

hi, thank you for your answer. i am not connecting to my vpn so i don’t think there is something coming from my company firewall.


Hello @christophe_fontaine, can you please send a screenshot of the error message?

no special error message. just echec. with firefox it stop. with chrome it relanuch the download.

Hello @christophe_fontaine, I would suggest making sure your computer meets the installation and system requirements. In case these requirements are met and the problem persists, it has to be caused by a firewall/security software. I would suggest reaching out to your IT team as well and to double checking permission settings to make sure you are able to install the software on the computer.

I Open the Prezi app an IT does not load any presentation

Hello @Paulo_Castro, could you please share the exact technical specifications of your computer so we can better investigate the issue? For now, we would recommend a reinstall and restarting the computer.

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Je n’arrive pas à télécharger l’application sur mon PC. L’erreur 1603 apparaît quand je télécharger.
Que puis-je faire svp ?