Prezi Next features


So I would like to start with I have always been a HUGE fan of prezi and even had 2 accounts and paid for it for the longest time.

I left it for a while because I was working on other projects and came back and found that you guys have created Prezi Next.

I read some of the reviews and i cant find any past Nov 2017

Can you please send me the latest features so that I can decide if I should buy Prezi Next ?

Thank You.
Nadia Awad

Hello @Nadia_Awad, I would suggest visiting our website where you can find further information on Prezi Next. The detailed list of features and the plans we offer can be found on the pricing page (in case you already have an account please open this link in an incognito window). In our knowledge base you can also find useful articles and video tutorials. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.