Prezi next, find my presentations


Been a while since i used Prezi.

I see Prezi next is new, but i can’t find my presentations in it.
When i switch back to Prezi Classic i find them under “presentations”.

Anyone knows here to find them in Prezi Next?

Classic and Next, while both Prezi, are separate creation/presentation platforms using different tech, so you will only find the prezis you created a while back under the Classic tab. To toggle between them online in a browser, it’s clickable in the upper left corner of your screen. Anything you create new would be found in the newer Prezi (Next) section.

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Thanks for the explanation.

Is it like that Prezi Next will be the new standard and that classis will disappear or i don’t have to worry about that?

Hey @Rob_Holleman Prezi Classic is built on Adobe Flash technology, hence why we moved on to Prezi Next instead.
Your Classic presentations will be safe as they will be converted to Next presentations, you can read more about our plans here on our blog post :slight_smile:

Hi @Sam … is there any way i can export prezi classic to new prezi. I need to do a live presentation with a classic prezi. Is there any way i can do that?

Hey @Heber_Manoni at the moment it’s not yet possible, however we’re working on converting Classic presentations into Prezi Next. You can read more about this in our blog post :slight_smile: