Prezi Next font popup scrollbar doesn't appear

Is there a recommendation on how to pull up the font popup scroll bar. I can’t get it to appear and so that means I can’t locate/use fonts listed below the fold.


Do I understand correctly that this is the action you’re trying to perform, yet fonts don’t show up?

36 AM

Hi, Good Morning where ever you are:)

The font pop-up box shows up. The scroll bar doesn’t show up. So, I can’t scroll down to the fonts below the bottom of the box.

I wanted to know if there is a click or hover or something which I can do to get the pop-up box to throw that vertical scroller up.

So, it’s an issue (for me Mac OS 10.12.5 /Safari Sierra) .


Got a few other Qs on Prezi Next:

Is there an undo function? Command Z?
Is there a 3D background function?
Is there a stackable 3D background functionality?

Could you please try using Chrome and see if the problem remains?

Yes, Command+Z is the Undo action.

In Prezi Next there is no 3D background option in the way it was in Prezi Classic, however, in this link you can find the steps to achieve a similar effect, placing a normal image on top of the background image and with this way you can have “2” background images.

Thanks Lana,

I’ll try Chrome.

Will play with the 2D background and really enjoy the Command Z function!

Enjoy your weekend where ever you are.


Thank you. I am glad I could help. Have a great weekend!