Prezi Next - how to edit the path?

Hi I am used to Classic trying to learn NEXT… I can’t figure out how to view and edit paths and can’t find instructions on how to “see” the Edit Path button.

Thanks Heaps!

Hey @Dennis_Gray structuring in Prezi Next is a bit different than in Classic.

We have a good article about it available here.

Instead of slides there’s topics, which all feature a zooming effect. You can read more about advanced topic editing, adding topics and custom starting points and so on.

I can also wholeheartedly recommend our free training sessions which are available here.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

How do I add images to an existing path

Hello @Ashwin_Chitkara, as my colleague @Sam mentioned previously, structuring is a bit different in our new improved editor in relation to Classic.

If you want to display your images, you should add a “zoom to” animation to them, as shown in this example.

Please, let us know if this could help!

Thanks for your response. I did figure it out later during the day.



How do I remove topics or subtopics or pages from the path (without deleting
them)? I have not found any help info on this.

I give the same talk sometimes in 60 minutes, sometimes 40 or only 20.
So I need to define a path that leaves out some topics or subtopics or pages.
Just like in PowerPoint you can “hide slide” so it won’t be shown in the
presentation, but is still there in the right place and can be easily
unhidden for a longer talk.

Hello @Stefan_Rahmstorf, I would recommend you to create a “fake topic” with those topics/subtopics, as mentioned in this post.

When you access the “Advanced topic editor”, you are able to copy exclusively the topic cover and paste it into the presentation, which will turn it into this “fake topic”, so it won’t zoom inside, but you will still be able to see the content of the cover :slight_smile:

Hope this could help!