Prezi Next is not what I expected


Watched all these awesome tutorials on Prezi, signed up, and now I’m in defeated in prezi next land?? Can’t do the customizations I saw on the tutorials, can’t do autoplay, can’t figure out how to do custom plans, and can’t open a blank template? (or am I missing all that) and it costs more??

Are more features coming for Prezi Next?


As we’ve just released Prezi Next, many new features can be expected in the near future.

We already have tutorial articles and videos on Prezi Next, it’s worth checking them and discovering the new product, as well.

Autoplay is currently only possible in the downloaded presentation format, I’m afraid.

As for blank templates, please check this forum topic.

If you have further questions, let us know.


I am also not impressed by Prezi Next.


Add me to the not impressed list.

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