Prezi Next Japanese language template shuold be shared by


Hi there,
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I found Japanese Character extension template for Prezi Next.

It is produced Japanese Prezi expert Mr. Yoshifuji.
The template is great and his effort is marverous.

However, to use this template, users needs to report personal information to him.
I believe this kind of template should be shared by Prezi.
Prezi’s one of their official account simply own the template and announce to users to share it, not hims.

Giving and receiving personal information should be least.
I hope do it straight away.



Thank you for your feedback.

Please know that Prezi’s own templates are created by the Prezi team and Prezi experts are individuals who create their own content which is independent.


Hi Lana,

Thanks for your information.
I should make it clear that the template is a special.

The current Prezi’s template for Japanese language uses “interesting” font.
The font is not suitable for business scene so that we cannot use Prezi in business scenes.

On the other hand, the expert’s template which I mentioned above uses very standard fonts, and the expert says “it is special-made for him,” and he kindly share it to other people.

I can understand that Prezi system cannot update everything shortly; circulating template would be realistic.

In this case, it is not just a case of “original design” tremplate share but also make up the current Prezi’s weakpoint that Japanese font is not usable in business scenes.
It’s not system update, but it virtually updates usability dramatically.
Therefore, I suggest Prezi should circulate it instead of the original author of the template in order to keep users’ privacy.



Thank you for the detailed explanation, we will make sure to report it to the responsible team.


Thank you so much for your positive message!
I am looking forward that Prezi Next is good for business scene even outside of Westeren language areas.