Prezi Next - My first experience


Today I have used Next for the first time, It will be my last. It is nowhere near as good as Classic but I am concerned Classic will be dropped. Time to look for a new platform, maybe Powerpoint again.


It takes some time and creativity, but we are creating some pretty cool stuff with the new transitions in PowerPoint. . . We are moving back to PowerPoint for the exact same reasons.


@Simon_Snell I’m sorry you had a disappointing experience with Prezi Next. Could you tell what exactly you are missing from the product or what you found difficult so we can forward your feedback to the development team? Thanks in advance.


We have been giving you feedback over and over for 2 years now. Prezi does not want to listen, so we are not going to repost all the features that MANY of us have been asking for over these past 2 years. . . . it is interesting that you Prezi is asking this of us again when we have been so active in the forum. . . :frowning:


Hi - not sure I can add anything more than you are already aware of on this forum. You seem to have received lots of feedback in the last couple of years just waiting to see if it’s acted upon. if not will have to go elsewhere.


Please know that one of our main goals here at the Prezi Support team besides assisting users with issues is to collect feedback which we can forward to the development team. The collected feedback is then taken into consideration when the roadmap is put together and we are aiming to add new features in a manner that it caters to the needs of the most users.

Certainly, there are multiple requests here on the community forum that we have not been able to implement yet, but this information is still valuable for us and it does make an impact on the long term.

We do understand that there are still a lot of functionalities that are missing from Prezi Next - especially when compared to Prezi Classic - but apart from working on making the software as reliable and user-friendly as possible, we are also aiming to add multiple new features to it in the following months to come.


We have been waiting for TWO YEARS with little to no real communication as to what is coming. You have been gathering the same feedback for TWO YEARS and some of that feedback is STILL under discussion. . . When we have asked we have been given the same excuses over and over and when we have asked for any updates we get “we do not comment on future features.” We believe that waiting for TWO years has been enough. We have been promised more features to come soon and yet nothing. We were excited to have a graphics editor only to find that it is only for the browser version. Why even have the desktop app? Very disappointing. . .