Prezi Next not working on Chromium



Using Google Chromium (the open source browser upon which Google Chrome is based) and I am told that I cannot edit using it and that I should switch to a supported browser. (Exact message: "Sorry, Prezi Next presentations cannot be edited with this browser. Use a supported browser to edit or upgrade your license to edit with the Prezi Next app.

However, immediately upon using the built in “Developer Tools” User-agent switcher to switch to a Chrome user agent, the “New Presentation” button appears and I am able to edit normally without any problems. Could you please address this issue? Chromium is exactly the same behavior-wise to websites as Chrome, and it should be enabled by default (Editing works perfectly if I fool Prezi into thinking I’m using Chrome, so clearly this is just an arbitrary filter.)

Screenshots, left is using Chromium with default user-agent and missing “new presentation”, right is with a chrome user-agent, showing the “new presentation” :

Thank you for your great product, hope to see this fixed soon.


Hello, @Daniel_Rodriguez. Thank you for reporting the issue in such a detailed manner, this is extremely helpful. We will take it to the responsible team right away.