Prezi Next on iOS: can't jump to topics?


I’ve been using Prezi Next and tried viewing a presentation on my iPhone using the Prezi Viewer. I noticed that I can click the forward and back buttons to move sequentially through my slides (subtopic 1 to subtopic 2 to subtopic 3), but I cannot click any topic and jump right to that topic (i.e., subtopic 1 to subtopic 4). Thus, Prezi Viewer on tablets/smartphones only allows for moving through a presentation sequentially (i.e., topic by topic) and does not allow you to jump ahead?


Hello @Nalaka, with Prezi Viewer you are able to navigate through your presentation using the arrows at the bottom of your screen, or by tapping on the right and left edges of your presentation.

You should also able to click directly on topics, subtopics, and objects to navigate freely within your presentation. Please, try to double tap on one of these topics and let us know if you are able to jump to them.


Thanks–I did not realize it required a “double tap” to jump to a topic–I thought a single click would do it. That solves the issue.

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