Prezi Next on Linux?

Is there any way to run prezi next on linux…
I need to run it on ubuntu 19.04

I’m running prezi classic 5 via wine yet can’t install 6 and it still classic not next
problem is with PreziClassic_6.26.0.exe for clasic and no source for next

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Indeed, I also realized that Prezi Next (i.e. the offline Desktop mode) is not available on Ubuntu/Linux which is really pity as this prevents me from using my presentations (in offline mode). Thus, I’d really interested if there are any plans to make Prezi Next also available for the increasing number of Linux users (especially also in the science community). Commonly we have to present our results at conferences etc where you don’t have a (stable) internet connection. So using then the online version will not work properly. Consequently, I’d be really interested to see an offline mode for (paying!) Linux users…

Hello @Abdelaziz_Sharaf, @Johannes_Radinger, Prezi Next Desktop currently does not support the Linux operating system unfortunately. However, you may be able to succeed in running the desktop application by emulating Windows within your Linux system or by using an application such as Wine. Please note these are not solutions that have been tested and approved by the Prezi team. Therefore, we do not recommend them or offer any advice on using them at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I would also like to request a way to run the presentations offline on Linux. Have you considered adding an offline mode to the web application through service workers? That way it would be possible to present offline on any device including Chromebooks and tablets.

Hello @ZZindi_Corporate_Com, thanks for sharing your recommendation with us, we will transmit it to our development team :slight_smile:

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I know Prezi does not support Ubuntu, so I can’t use desktop apps:( Is there by any chance any other way of using them on Ubuntu? Thank you.

Hi @Ozgur_Bal, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answers above? :slight_smile:

Thank you Bart, but the suggestions do not work for me unfortunately. Wine does not work for Ubuntu 20.04 and I know no other way to use Prezi apps on Ubuntu 20.04
still, thanks

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Dear all,
I just discovered Prezi as a nice alternative to MS Powerpoint.
I work on Linux and I was able to create my first presentation with the web editor version. Unfortunately, the web editor has some limitations and tutorials refers to the Mac or Windows standalone applications.

Does Presi dev team have evolution roadmap regarding the web editor version or the implementation of a Linux version?



Hello, @Frederic_PIDANCIER. Please know that currently supporting Linux is not on our immediate roadmap.

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Please, consider a version of prezi for Ubuntu. Specially if you wanna enter the University market. All my department is on different GNU/Linux platforms.