Prezi Next Portable Animation is choppy when viewed full screen

Choppy when viewed full screen, but smooth when played in a smaller viewer window.

  • Is there a reason for this?
  • Is there a fix for this?
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Hello, @Alimat. Could you please send us a link to the presentation? Also, could you please let us know whether it happens in a desktop app, with a portable presentation or in a browser?

I’ve noticed this as well. If you keep the window small the presentation runs really smoothly (60+ Frames per second) but if you make it full screen on a high resolution monitor the smoothness goes away. This happens with ALL Prezi presentations on multiple computers. This isn’t a hardware issue; I’m using a high-end video editing computer.

Thank you for the feedback, @Ryan_Rubel!

It’s still happening in 2020, please work on this.

My company is currently considering canceling our subscription and go back to Powerpoint.
“Little” things like this are making our presentations unreliable to show during congresses or corporate meeting because of the high chance of lagging and freezing mid presentation.

Hi @Multi_Media, can you tell me if you are watching a presentation in the browser version or if you access it via the desktop application or is it a portable presentation?
Can you send me a link of the presentation so I can check on it?