Prezi Next Showcase

Thought it would be great to share some Prezi Next examples in here. I’ll start things off with a Prezi I created to showcase our business. Its a work in progress but can be seen here:

Hope you like it and please share your own great examples.


Nice Prezi! I wish I could share my work in return, but due to customer confidentiality, I can’t. :disappointed: And I really don’t do much non–work-related stuff at this time… Hope others share theirs, though, it’s always nice to get some fresh inspiration!


Hi everyone! Thanks for the post and the new tool. Here is my first example


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:grin: I finally have one I can share- used this on Wed 6/28/17 for a Prezi webinar I hosted & had a lot of fun with! I think one of the coolest aspects is that this started with a pre-baked Prezi template (can you figure out which one?) and yet I was able to make it unique to me… Hope you enjoy (aesthetically and for content):

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Is there a place, thread, site, or workshop in which a Prezi Next user could see in detail how specific portions of these or other amazing Prezis were created? For instance for particular fades, zooms, etc. it would be very useful to understand what animation steps were used to execute them. Thank you for whatever you can convey on this inquiry.

I’d start at the Prezi Next Training page. If you scroll down a bit, the session called ‘Create with Prezi Next’ is one option to look into, or the ‘Expert Hour on Prezi Next’ is another. It might not go over these presentations in this thread, but I’m positive you could ask for the host to go over the animations options in detail.


Thank you, I’ll definitely start there.

If you are looking for more in-depth structured training, I invite you to try my online course: Transition to Prezi Next. It is designed specifically for Prezi Classic users making the transition to Prezi Next. Take the free preview to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

Best Regards,

Russell, Quick question:

A few of the subheadings have images that fill the entire circle, which looks rather impressive. Is that something you’ve done in prezi, or have you imported circular images?

Feel free to tell me it’s a trade secret.

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You can crop images and then insert them into cover topics (a step-by-step instruction can be seen here) to achieve this.

Hi Andrew,

With respect, Lana’s advice an link in the first response to your question is really misleading.

You can’t crop images in Prezi at all. This is something I’ve been asking Prezi to develop for a long long time now!

The images inside the circles that you see were done using Adobe Photoshop. No big trade secret :wink:


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@Prez_Expert @Lana

Thanks for the rapid response. I suspected it would be the photoshop route, but wanted to check that there wasn’t a really easy alternative before I cracked on.

@Andrew_Whincup even though cropping images is currently not possible in Prezi Next, the workarounds Lana suggested above provide free alternatives to Photoshop.


Thanks for the rapid response. I have photoshop so I’ve added circle cropping to my skillset, it’ll make the prezi simpler in the long run.

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All good workarounds but in dealing with so many Prezi users I’ve found that people just don’t have time to figure out workarounds. We desperately need this in the system guys :wink:


We agree with you Prez_Expert. I am finding that I spend more time now trying to figure out work arounds than actually creating our presentations. :frowning: Come on Prezi!

Impressive! How to you engineer the 3D look regarding the upfront graphics? It’s as if I’m seeing layers of graphics before I even begin to drill down on the Prezi objects.