(Prezi Next) Unable to switch between slides in edit mode


All of a sudden I’m unable to switch between slides in Edit mode of Prezi Next. Have to go to ‘Present’ mode, move to the slide, and then go back to Edit.

What do I need to do to fix this?


@Dan_Alman It is possible that the firewall/adblock settings were updated in your browser, please check your settings to make sure nothing is blocking the editor:


I am also having issues clicking on the left bar slides to edit. Accelerator is turned off in the google chrome settings re another thread and I don’t have ad blocker enabled. Has been working fine for about a week before this. When I turned accelerator off it worked for another two dayys and has now stopped again.


@Magen_Winterburn Have you tried a different browser like Firefox and tested a different network as well?


I switched to the Desktop version and it worked fine. Though I’m also having trouble loading some videos to the Desktop version, so I have to do that on the Web version. Whatever…


Could you provide us the link of the presentation and the system and technical specs of your computer so we can check why this might be happening? Thanks in advance.