Prezi Next Windows App, I can't edit presentations

Hi everyone. From certain point of time I have had problem with opening in editing mode every presentation (even new template or blank). A presentation window opens, but after that circle in the middle of the window spins forever and nothing else happens. I tried to reinstall the app, clean remains etc. but to no avail. The only way is to use Prezi in Chrome window, but it is less convenient than using the app. Did anyone have the same issue?

Hi there unfortunately I am also facing the same issue using chrome. I am not sure what to do.

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Hi, i am facing the same problems as you and it is impossible to contact anyone.
My creation is unavailable to edition.

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Hi everyone!

Please note that for the loading issue in Google Chrome the following technique should be a fitting solution.

As for the desktop application, is it something that you still experience, @Adam_Kubicki? Could you also share your computer specifics including the GPU you have installed in your device?

I resolved the problem. It had to switch off GPU acceleration in Windows settings.

Thanks for the update @Adam_Kubicki, Iā€™m glad it works for now.

Hey @Ricardo_Canotilho and @Nawaira_Ali, do you experience this using the Prezi Next desktop app as well?