Prezi Not Accepting my Quicktime Audio mp4 file when Inserting into Pathway

I am trying to update a Prezi presentation. I removed audio from my pathways that needed updating. When I create new audio files using Quicktime (same program I used before), it keeps telling me that the file type is not support, despite it saying that it is supported on the audio information pages. I have tried converting into different files, but that has not worked. I have tried to use Audacity, but my computer was having issues with the program.

I have a screenshot of what is popping up when I attempt to upload the Quicktime file.

Could anyone explain to me why this is happening?

Can someone please assist me with my issue?

I also just tried exporting my QT audio file to iTunes, and it still has not worked.

Hello Gabrielle,

Thanks for your question. Have you have a mp3 file? for audio? 

With regards,

Eko Kooistra from Holland

Yes I do. Here is the link for the Prezi:

Converting it to a mp3 file worked, and I was always doing it as a voiceover.

Is there a reason why my mp4 file from Quicktime would not be working?

Hello Gabrielle, good to here that mp3 worked. In my opinion mp3 is more universal/common then mp4.

Most important it works now.

Have a nice day,

With regards,

Eko Kooistra from Holland