Prezi not working on remote desktop systems (simplified version)?

Hi, we have prepared a Prezi for a client of ours. But sadly it gives the ‘Simplified version’ when seen at the client.

The Situation

  1. The client is working on a thin client/remote desktop. The majority of the audience of the client is also working on comparable thin client/remote desktop systems.
  2. It’s very straightforward, light and only involves the necessary functionality to be able to interact and click on the bullets that are of interest.
    The ‘Simplified Version’ exactly restricts clicking anywhere in the Prezi and allows only to step forward/backward through the presentation. Rendering it ultimately useless.

The Prezi:

My Questions:
Is this a thin client/remote desktop issue?
Or is this a ‘hardware accelarator not activated’ browser setting issue?
Or something else?
Could this be resolved?
Or is there any workaround?

Any help very much appreciated! We have to go live on Wednesday!
Thnx in advance!


Hello @VONDST_Advocaten, if your clients are only able to view a simplified version, this most likely means that the browser they are using is having trouble loading the WebGL viewer. This can happen if they are using an old browser, have hardware acceleration turned off in the browser, or have content in the Prezi that is crashing the WebGL player.

I would recommend them to update their browsers to the latest version and also to enable hardware acceleration, if possible.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, and as there isn’t a way to disable this from occurring, the best advice I can give you is to include a disclaimer letting your recipients know that older browsers and browsers that have hardware acceleration disabled may result in a simplified view of the presentation.

Let us know if this could help! :slight_smile:

Hi Catarina… thnx for getting back to us. In your reply you seem to not mention ‘thin client’ or ‘Remote Desktop’ at all. Does this mean that you are confident that this has nothing to do with the observed behaviour? We have the strong feeling it does. Please advise specifically as you at Prezi will no doubt have encountered this issue a gazillion times before, since a lot of bigger organisations work only on remote-desktop (Sharepoint like) solutions.

Looking forward to your swift response.
Deadlinezzzzz :)))


Hello @VONDST_Advocaten, thanks for getting back to us :slight_smile: If your customers are using Citrix or any other server solution that uses Microsoft Terminal Services software to deliver Windows applications to PCs, we are not able to guarantee they will be able to run Prezi. I apologize for any inconvenience.

As a workaround, I can suggest to download your presentation according to the instructions on this page, then upload the file(s) to a file sharing website so that your customers can download it and view your presentation that way. No prior installations are necessary to view this downloaded presentation file.

Let me know if this could help!