Prezi offline on Chromebook

Why is it not possible to use a Prezi offline on a chromebook?

I can use my Chromebook to create, edit and present Prezis, but it’s not possible to download a Prezi to use it offline. The only option I have is open the Prezi when online, close the Chromebook to suspend and open it (without internet connection) again to show the presentation.

It’s possible to download a Prezi for offline use on an Apple or Windows PC, but this file is not useable on a Chromebook.
Because Prezis are completely created in Flash, that is supported on Chromebooks by default, it wouldn’t be that hard to be able to show a downloaded Prezi offline in the local browser.

This would be a great addition for Chromebook users…

Hi Martjin,

We appreciate your suggestion. And unfortunately, we officially do not support Chromebook by now.

An alternative suggestion would be to download, but again this is not officially supported but you could give it a try. 


Hi Nicole,

a Chromebook is only a webbrowser environment, so there is no way to install the Desktop client of Prezi on that.
But because it’s a webbrowser environment (with flash support), it would be very easy for Prezi to create an export option that can be used locally.
Can you please add that to the list of wannahaves?
That would be great…

Hi Martijn, 

I can add your request to our “wannahaves” list.
I am just curious about something: editing and presenting mode works in Chromebook, but when you opt to download a prezi, what kind of message do you receive?
Could you send me a screenshot?


Hi Nicole,
It’s not that I’m not able to download the Prezi.
Only the package that’s donwloaded is only suitable for running on a PC or Mac.
I’m not able to open the Prezi from the package locally.
I thought it would be possible to open the content locally in the browser, but this isn’t possible.
(Mind you, a Chromebook is only a (Chrome)browser in the shape of a laptop with some minor local file handling tools)

Hi Martjin,

Thanks for all the details , however for the moment and for the best experience we recommend using the most standard compliant browsers available (Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 4+, Safari 4+). Flash version 11.1 is required.

For more information in our current system requirements, please click here.