Prezi Plus for Prezi Video HD

I have been trying to do a Prezi Video, with an imported Powerpoint. That works fine. When I push the record button a yellow band appears at the top of the window informing me “Create videos in full HD etc” with the option to dismiss or upgrade.
If I click on the dismiss button the yellow banner disappears but reappears when I click on Record.
If I click on the Upgrade now button I get revolving dots that never end (nothing upgraded). In addition, a browser page ( opens with a window showing Congratulations you now have Prezi Plus. There is a close button that does not close the window. I suspect because the upgrade is not complete.
Please help with this issue. I am being prevented from recording a presentation by the app.

Hi @Simon_Roche, this message comes up if your account is not upgraded to Prezi Plus yet.
Could you make sure you log out of the desktop application and log back in with the account you have updated to our Pro / Plus license?