Prezi portable doesn't work in windows

I’m having problems this 2018 when i make Prezi in my CPU (Windows x64 intel core ™ i7-4790 8GB RAM) or in a i MAC (Mac Os High Sierra. 4gb RAM) and export for a portable file. I can open it perfectly in my computer but when i go for a presentation and use it in other computers it fails a lot. For example i cann’t open it in my laptop (Windows 10 Home. x32 intel core ™ i5 4GB RAM) but in this same laptop i can open other portable prezis made last year.
When i try to open it in my laptop i can see the loading bar, then the Prezi classic logo and then the screen is black. I can see the buttons of prezi (home, next, previous, + and -) but all the presentation is black.

Could you help me pleae

Hi ilana thank you, its a issue that i’m having with different presenations when i export them as .exe files from my Pc or Mac…and later i try to use them in my laptop. I have created a new ver very basic presentation and the problems persists

This is an example:

This is how i see the presenattion in my laptop