Prezi Present - how to edit the path?

Hi I am used to Classic trying to learn NEXT… I can’t figure out how to view and edit paths and can’t find instructions on how to “see” the Edit Path button.

Thanks Heaps!

Hey @Dennis_Gray structuring in Prezi Next is a bit different than in Classic.

We have a good article about it available here.

Instead of slides there’s topics, which all feature a zooming effect. You can read more about advanced topic editing, adding topics and custom starting points and so on.

I can also wholeheartedly recommend our free training sessions which are available here.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

How do I add images to an existing path

Hello @Ashwin_Chitkara, as my colleague @Sam mentioned previously, structuring is a bit different in our new improved editor in relation to Classic.

If you want to display your images, you should add a “zoom to” animation to them, as shown in this example.

Please, let us know if this could help!

Thanks for your response. I did figure it out later during the day.



How do I remove topics or subtopics or pages from the path (without deleting
them)? I have not found any help info on this.

I give the same talk sometimes in 60 minutes, sometimes 40 or only 20.
So I need to define a path that leaves out some topics or subtopics or pages.
Just like in PowerPoint you can “hide slide” so it won’t be shown in the
presentation, but is still there in the right place and can be easily
unhidden for a longer talk.

Hello @Stefan_Rahmstorf, I would recommend you to create a “fake topic” with those topics/subtopics, as mentioned in this post.

When you access the “Advanced topic editor”, you are able to copy exclusively the topic cover and paste it into the presentation, which will turn it into this “fake topic”, so it won’t zoom inside, but you will still be able to see the content of the cover :slight_smile:

Hope this could help!

How i can delete ALL path (steps) pressing once?

Hello @Eugene_BOOKING, could you please explain us the context on why you’d like to do this?

You’re able to select all the content with CMD+A (if you’re using Windows, it is CTRL + A) and delete it.

Hi Caterina,

As I understand it (and correct me if I’m wrong) there’s now no way to delete the path without deleting the content. The new paradigm seems to make adding / removing content to the path synonymous with adding content to the canvas.

This is a terrible change as it breaks the product in a few key ways.

It makes it incredibly hard to quickly restructure a complex presentation - the old product allowed you to clear all steps and start over by clicking your way through the canvas (with one click for each item you added). This is vital functionality for complex presentations, or for quickly repurposing a complex presentation as a shorter one. The new approach is too messy if many slides are involved.

Frankly, the new software feels like it was never tested or conceptualised for presentations with much more than a dozen items. It is nearly useless now for longer presentations such as those uni lecturers have to do.

One of the original selling points of Prezi (in your own marketing) was that you could add content to canvas freely, in a mind-mapping exercise, and then find the path through. This can’t be done in the new software.

You urgently need to add an equivalent to the old path editing functionality, notably:

  • an ability to add content to the canvas without automatically adding it to the path (perhaps a toggle in settings for those who want this if you think it messes with your new paradigm too much?)
  • a one click path-building tool (i.e. add items to path with one click as you used to be able to)
  • the ability to remove individual slides / zoom points without removing the content from the canvas
  • a “clear path” functionality that allows you to removal all path points and start over.

Without these the product is basically ruined for me and I need to try something else after more than 7 years as a loyal Prezi user.

It is disheartening that Prezi themselves don’t seem to understand the basics of how the software was originally designed to be used!

Is there any way to get back to Prezi Classic until you can add these basics to the new product? Is there a timeframe to get such basic path editing in Prezi present?


Dear @Catarina below @Stephen_Rowley described everything very accurately and I think there is nothing to add. Imagine a two hour lecture presentation with 350 slide steps, 200 emerging elements.
This lecture sometimes requires changes. sometimes temporary, in order to bypass (skip) a block or change the appearance of elements, the approximation of other fragments, it requires adding additional slides to different parts or removing a part.

All these changes lead to the fact that it is possible to change the path, but it is complex, and if there are many changes, then the “path” is completely confused and it is easier to clear (delete) all steps without clearing the content and rebuild the path by clicking on each element right on the canvas and adding each item to the path.

This worked great in Prezi Classic and was an indispensable convenience feature. Now - this is sheer torment and loss of time.

I will add that over the years I have many presentations in Prezi Classic, which contain 200-300 steps or more. When this presentation (copy of it) opens in Prezi Next, you often need to check and correct the path, make changes, and often this ends with the need to clear the whole path and build it again. it’s faster than dragging and dropping items along the way.
There is no way to “drag” the step number to another element directly on the canvas, but only to drag the step along the path to the left.

If you need to transfer 4-5 steps from the beginning of the 200-step path to the end of the path, then I need to take ONE step on the path and pull it down through all the steps. then go back, take the next step and pull it down again, looking for a place to insert.

It just kills a lot of time and becomes almost pointless.

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems to me that Prezi Classic and Preszi Next were developed by different people. Moreover, if before I used Prezi Classic for free and downloaded presentations to my computer, now I have to pay for everything, including old presentations, in order to download them. at the same time, the service has lost a lot of functionality due to the lack of the functions described above.
And this is a pity.


Is there any chance of a reply to this thread and my questions above?

I have to make decisions about whether I switch to another product. I’d rather not but if you can’t give any clarity about whether you even recognise this is an issue, or clarity about timeframes to fix it, I need to try something else.

I am really dismayed that such a basic usability problem has been introduced to what was mature, stable software. It is shattering for your customers’ confidence that you can maintain the product properly.


Hello @Stephen_Rowley and @Eugene_BOOKING, first of all, thank you both for sharing such detailed and insightful feedback regarding the Present editor.

We do understand that as long time Classic users the changes seem very abrupt, but I’ll try to contextualise them and find solutions for some of your questions.

  • Topics/subtopics are automatically added to the path, and if you wish to remove them from there, you will also remove them as whole (which includes their content). Having this in mind, you have to think of them as if they were frames with already integrated animations, so in terms of structuring and edition of the presentation, they bring a faster and more organised approach to it.

  • If you prefer to keep a structure more similar to Classic, then I’d recommend you to use zoom areas/zoom to animations: this allows you to insert any kind of content, and it will only be added to the path when using those animations.

  • In relation to changing the path location of topics/subtopics, you can either drag them up/down in the left sidebar, or you can also copy and paste them directly into the desired element, as shown here - I think this might be the best solution for longer presentations, as you can access these elements through the overview (main page), by clicking on them. You can also choose to save any content in the library and reuse it whenever you wish.

  • As for changing zoom areas in the path, the behaviour is pretty similar to topics, you can also check this video example about it.

  • It’s also possible to remove zoom areas without deleting the content associated with them. The zoom area animation is added to the left sidebar, and if you click on the right side of your mouse, you’ll be able to delete it, without removing the content.

I hope this can bring a bit more clarity on the Present editor, and I’d be happy to know if this could help a bit!

We’re taking this feedback very seriously and have already forwarded it to our Product and Engineering teams for further analysis and discussion. We’ll also share on this thread if there were any decisions or developments made about these.

Once again, thank you so much, and looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Catarina.

So my take on this is that there is, around the edges, some confusion about whether content can be deleted while leaving material on the canvas. I’d suggest this is because your whole topics / subtopics paradigm is needlessly confusing and a usability barrier, but let’s leave that aside.

You say much of what we want can be done by adding and removing zoom areas. This is why I hadn’t looked more closely at this until now - the original intro to Prezi Next assured me zoom areas work much like the slides used to.

This is not true from a usability perspective, however. I can fiddle around with zoom areas, but adding and sizing them is much fiddlier than the old “one-click to add an item” functionality. And dragging zoom areas up and down the order is not feasible for presentations of much more than about a dozen items.

I take your point that we can delete zoom areas one-by-one. But then why no “delete all” button as used to exist?

You need the old path editing functionality back - and I see another thread saying this has been posted as I write! I appreciate the efforts to find work arounds but you need to to just fix it - urgently.

I also note that you don’t really seem to have a way of using the old “mind-mapping” functionality (i.e. add freely to a canvas and then quickly and easily find a path through them). Again, this used to be sold as a core attraction of Prezi.

Of the four dot points I raised above, you’ve addressed one, but three still need to be added to get the basics of old Prezi functionality back.

I appreciate telling us its been raised with the engineering team, but that could mean anything in terms of what actually happens now. I have presentations right now that I am pausing work on as I need to know whether I can embark on projects with Prezi, or whether I need to switch to new software. I really need to know whether there is commitment to rebuilding the path editor and if so, roughly when we can expect it. (Presumably it can’t be that hard - it was a mature feature on the old software!) Without that, at the moment, incredibly, I’d be better off with Powerpoint.

This Prezi Next doesn´t understand creative minds!! We plan as we go!! Please return the PATH to how it was before!!!


The path editing is completely broken, thanks for your support of this point.

Some of us have been raising this in this thread: Prezi Next - how to edit the path?

I am trying to get someone to commit to a fix and let us know when we might expect it.

Thank Stephen,

Please tell the team to think about returning to Prezi Classic. I don’t think Prezi Next is improved and I really hope we can have our classic Prezi back.
I give presentations of varying time frames, so the path gave me the opposite to edit the lenght easily.

For now, I cannot work with this format and will have to work on Keynote.

Thanks for your support.

Hello @Aline_Vargas, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Could you please tell us which functionalities are you missing in the path feature of Prezi Present?

Hi Catarina, I appreciate you want to try to understand people’s usage, and Aline can of course can answer for themselves - but when people are asking for the old path editor back, isn’t it already pretty clear what functionality they are after?

That path editor is a known thing that is presumably familiar to Prezi’s staff; the functionality it offers that is different to the current model is pretty clear to anyone who has used both versions. I’m not sure why we need to explain it over and over.

As I said earlier: “I have presentations right now that I am pausing work on as I need to know whether I can embark on projects with Prezi, or whether I need to switch to new software. I really need to know whether there is commitment to rebuilding the path editor and if so, roughly when we can expect it.”

Rather than asking us to explain the problem over and over again, and non-committal responses saying you’ve passed the feedback on, here is what I would love to hear someone from Prezi say: “Yes, we appreciate there is important path editing functionality missing currently, and are working to reinstate the path editing features that were in Prezi Classic as soon as possible.”

Even without a specific timeframe, that sort of statement would give me some assurance that I could limp along with the current product knowing it would be fixed in time. At the moment, though, I have no sense the issues are understood, or that the product will be fixed, so continuing to use the product feels like a misdirection of time.

I would therefore please ask that some more specific assurances be given to guide our decisions about whether we should persist with the product or not.


Do I take it there’ll be no further respose to this (and in particular no commitment to reinstating the previous path editing functionality)?

I am checking in every few days here because I am trying to persist with the product but using it now is painful and slow for tasks that used to be easy. It is very disheartening that longstanding customers get nothing other than “we’ve told the engineers.” Some reassurance that you recognise the problem and will work to fix it would be invaluable.

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