Prezi Present - how to edit the path?

As Stephen_Rowley I’m disapointed not to can have a topic no include in the path.
It’s me or we have more liberty on prezy next than old versions ?

Dear Catarina,

I do like the possibility to group a talk into topics and am really trying hard to get a usable work flow with this new structure. Now you say: “you can also copy and paste them directly into the desired element”. And indeed it would be very helpful to copy/paste or even better move some pages from one topic to another (e.g. a “spare slide” topic for slides not used in the current presentation). But this does not seem to work for pages but only for planet subtopics, right? (I only use stack topics because I have great trouble with the planets appearing off the edge of my screen when I try to edit a topic and I don’t see a way to zoom out to actually see them).

Same with the library - in principle a good idea for parking slides and using them in another topic or other presentation, but it seems to work only properly for planet subtopics and not for pages from a stack. Why not, and when will this be fixed? And is the library stored locally on my machine, i.e. available offline? I must be able to prepare a presentation while in a plane to a conference.

I ask again whether it would not be a very simple but very useful fix if one could just remove slides (pages, subtopics) from the path simply by right-clicking on them and getting a “remove from path” option? Then we could at least shorten an existing presentation depending on how much time we’re allocated, by simply skipping some pages while leaving them in place for use in the next longer talk. This is a very elementary functionality most people will need. Who has never given a somewhat shorter version of an existing presentation?

OK I could make a copy of the whole presentation and then just delete slides out of that, but then my presentation would branch out into several parallel versions the next time I add a new slide.

It would be great if Prezi catered for the very practical needs of professional people using evolving complex talks that are presented in different versions, longer and shorter, again and again. It seems to be designed only with people in mind who make a new presentation from scratch for each talk.

Hello all,
When I edit the path, I do change the the path of a zoom area, the animation added, stay in the previous place. For example I do have a zoom area at the 40th rank and when I do take to 36 th. all the animations added, stay at 40th.
Is there any way to change or edit the path with the zoom area together with the animations? Or is it another negative issue compared to Prezi Classic?

Hi @Okan_Tansu, please note that the zoom area and the animations are not tied together as they were in Prezi Classic. If you wish to move the animations with the Zoom Area you would need to move them after you have moved the zoom area.

Or you can use a topic as all the animations you add into a topic moves with the topic.

Hope this helps!

How on earth you succeed to make things worse and more complicated every time you update the platform… It is a really interesting case…
You might be the only software platform company making it worse, limiting the capabilities at every update… Chapeau and applause…

Thanks, @Okan_Tansu for your feedback, I’m going to forward it to our product team.