Prezi presentation disappeared


I logon to see my prezi presentation which i I spent a lot of time on and it’s not available why? And how can I recover it?


Trying to see if I want to purchase an account but if this is how it works then never mind. I can’t imagine put so much time into a presentation and your website deletes it


@Tyesha_Reyes We can assure you that Prezi does not delete any user presentations.

Could you tell me the title of the presentation or maybe look for the link of your presentation in your browser history so we can further investigate? Thanks in advance.


The title of my prezi is Consequences. Only the top page shows none of the content inside does


The date I created my prezi presentation was on 11/07/2018. I was able to see the entire presentation that night around 10:00-11:00. I created a share ID and copied it.


The title of my prezi is Consequences Count Having Goodwill dose the link


Hello is there any update on finding the content of my presentation


@Tyesha_Reyes I reverted your presentation to an earlier date, could you check if you have the missing content in the presentation now?