Prezi presentation won't load at all


I have been working on a college presentation for the past few days and everything was going completely fine until I was trying to start on my reference page. The page suddenly stopped loading when trying every single time. It stops at about 40% and will not continue and at last will just stop responding. I’ve tried different browsers but the same problem will occur every single time. this is the link to my presentation. Please help me get this start working.


@Jiun_Jeong Sorry for the difficulties you’ve been experiencing.

I tested your presentation and was able to load it fully without any issues. Could you provide us with the exact technical and system specifications of the computer you are using and the browser versions where this issue occurs so we can test it directly? Thanks in advance.


I am having the same problem, my presentation won’t load and I have tried restarting my computer and making sure my wifi is good. This is the link to my presentation:


@Alex_Schiffer Sorry for the inconvenience.

Similarly to the other case mentioned in this post, we were able to fully load your presentation as well, so in order to better investigate, we would need the exact technical and system specs of your computer and the browser type+version you are using. Thanks in advance for any further information.


Hello, can you help me? I can’t load/edit the Prezi I worked on today…I’m using Chrome Browser on iMac Mini desktop

It shows the circle with the blue progress bar but it never gets past 1/4…


@Nicholas_Demeter I tested the presentation and could not reproduce the issue. The problem is most probably connected to the hardware limitations of your computer.

Could you maybe open the view link on a different device to test it? Thanks in advance.