Prezi presenter notes + remote

How can I open prezi presenter’s note and remote at the same time?

Hello @Asher_Manangan, can you please elaborate on what you’d like to do? We’ll be happy to help. Are you trying to use a remote/phone clicker while presenting with the presenter notes open?

I’ve run into this obstacle too… I’m running a Prezi presentation via Prezi Next on my MacBook, and I’m trying to use the recent iOS update of Prezi Viewer (4.11.3 (5)) on my iPad as remote… I feel like there should be some intuitive way to choose a different presenter view on the iOS app, one that would include being able to view presenter notes, if not also to preview next build/slide (a la Keynote) – but definitely to see presenter notes. I can find no such button. Instead all I get are forward & back & disconnect, as in the below…

Does the presenter remote on the iOS app not allow one to see their presenter notes?

Hi @Paul_Monticone, currently it is not possible to view your presenter notes on the phone while navigating your presentation with a smartphone remote setup, but I’ll forward your feedback to our product team!

For a smartphone remote, I get why one would just have a clicker. But the app is available on tablets as well, and, when presenting with that, not having presenter notes is very strange. Thanks for passing the request along, @Bart

Thanks @Paul_Monticone for detailing your feedback! :slight_smile:

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