Prezi Recover

There needs to be an ability to recover a deleted prezi. An accidental deletion can be catastrophic. I know from experience because it’s now happened to me. For a service with a variety of paid tiers, it is simply not acceptable to have no defense against an accidental deletion. There is not a sufficiciently visible enough warning against it. A window to undelete a presentation of 24 hours would be VASTLY preferable to the current state of affairs. A user should have some defense against this. Prezi should figure out this fix. If you only wanted to implement it on paid accounts, I could even accept that. But to have absolutely no ability to recover a deleted prezi is a problem that a paid service should fix.

Hey @Indianapolis_LISC what’s the title of the presentation that was deleted? We’ll recover it for you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Creating a Tea Party Movement in the Black Community. If you can recover it for me, that would be tremendous. I have no other record of this prezi, it’s critical for an upcoming conference. In fact, all the prezis I recently deleted, you could just restore them all, now that I know how to preserve the ones I need. They were all deleted yesterday

Thank you for reaching out.

I’ve restored all the recently deleted presentations, can you check? Make sure to look under Prezi Classic as these are Classic presentations.

Let us know!