Prezi Remote for iPhone

I really want Prezi Remote for iPhone, which enables us to control Prezi for iPad wirelessly with iPhone. It enables presenters to act more freely.

And hopefully, it should be able to connect one iPhone with multiple iPads.
Imagine what it is like if many iPads are synchronized with only one iPhone and some groups of audience sitting in front of these iPads.
No projector needed, so we can show Prezi to many people anywhere with iPads.

Thank you.

What about to do it with Airplay?
Audience is sitting from of the mac which is sync your iPhone screen where you can navigate and use as a remote controller.

How do you like this scenario?

Of course, it’s a good way to show Prezi to audience.
But people don’t always have instrument that enables AirPlay (like me).
Prezi Remote helps those people a lot, and of course you can benefit from it by selling this app.

Isn’t that a good idea?

good idea, however I am not sure when we could release something like this. but this is in the backlog anyway

Thank you very much.

I agree that Prezi should release an remote app for the iPhone which would make it possible to use it as a clicker from the iPad. Is this something you are working on? It would be very much appreciated! This function already exists for keynote so it should not be impossible from a technical standpoint.

we are not working on a special remote app. i believe have to deliver Prezi Collaborate on mobile. it would solve the remote problem as well. but i cannot promise an exact date for that.

A remote app would be HUGE for presentations in my line of work. It would enable me to walk around more without having to worry about going back to my computer to switch to the next “slide”. If you guys aren’t working on this, I’d recommend it, I know I’d use it and benefit from it! The presentation I do, collaborate wouldn’t help. I use my laptop or iPad and project it onto a screen for an audience to see.

Search for “prezi remote” in Chrome Web Store

you can search here to: Best iPhone Apps There is a ton of information there.

Try this one:…

it’s very easy and made for Prezi :slight_smile: