Prezi Report exported for print

Hi guys, if I design a report for a client who needs a piece of sales material to both be used digitally AND as a printet hand out is it then possible?
It needs to be exported as a PDF with margins and cutting marks for the printing company to handle the pdf. I know the reports are info grafic but this specific design is just a still catalog. I can use InD, but know more about working in Prezi :slight_smile:
Hope you can help :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hello @Gry_Morck,

Sure, that’s possible! Your Prezi Design project is kept on the dashboard for as long as needed, you can edit it and download it as a PDF as many times as you need. The project can also have a public or private view link and it can be embedded on your website.
However, with Prezi Design you cannot add margins and cutting marks to the PDF for printing purposes. But if you also use InDesign or a similar program, you can upload the PDF downloaded from Prezi and add the margins for the printed handout.

Hey @Ketija_Riteniece - thanks for your detailed reply, I think I’ll make the design in Prezi and upload for ID later for adding margins and cutting marks :slight_smile: Have a nice day

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