Prezi school for kids (4-16 years old)

Hi all,

I am, slowly, working towards founding a web technologies school for kids (about between 4 and 16) and would like to include Prezi. Does anyone here has experience in teaching Prezi to very young kids? If so, I would like to start a conversation about it.

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This is insane…

Would there be a work around by using the desktop version?

Is there someone another facing this problem and how are they coping with this?

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Okay, now I’m more informed.

What is missing is complying with COPPA regulations in order to allow kids under 13 to use the platform (to register online)

Can you please direct me to the best point of contact within Prezi to talk about this?

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Hello Pablo, 

Unfortunately, as COPPA would require prezi to build an entirely new platform only accessible to those under the age of 13, we are currently not looking into this possibility. I understand your frustrations, and it will be publicly announced if in the future we decide to move in this direction. 

Thank you for your feedback, 


Hi Misty,

Prezi doesn’t need to build an entirely new platform at all, it would actually be just a port of what’s already there. From a pure technical point of view it is a separated database in a subdomain like

From a costs point of view it is not that big (I’ve been managing development projects for 15 years, I talk with background) and the result could be awesome.

It would also be coherent with Prezi message & philosophy (and I think this is where the emphasis needs to be put, not on how difficult would it be to implement