Prezi should allow embedding 3D videos.

I tried it once, but all it did was display the left and right images side by side, not optimize them for anaglyphic 3D glasses. Plus, they continued to play even though I clicked Pause.

Any plans for this?

I would like to embed such videos.


Like any feature, we can’t promise that we will or will not release such; however, I agree this is useful and will talk to our developers about how it can be done.


I meant, like, how some videos on YouTube are 3D and when they play, the player optimizes such videos (see for an example of a 3D video) for red/blue 3D glasses. When I try to embed such a video, the player displays the left and right images side by side.

Also, I would like the feature to display such videos in any kind of glasses, just like YouTube.