Prezi should be on Nintendo Wii

I think it is a good idea if Prezi is on the Wii. It is a great idea because screen pointing would be a great way to create, edit, and view prezis. (e.g. use A+B and move the Remote to pan, 1 to show…)

Hi there,

That’s a very innovative idea! We actually had some users successfully implement this at one point. I will forward your post on to our developers.


You mean, as in a channel?

One more thing, the time when I posted this idea was 2:40 pm. The time this is saying I posted it on 9:40 pm. Is your server’s time correct?

Hey there,

Our servers are located in a different location than from where you are posting!


What location??

Answer me!!!

Just like getsat and much of the web, hosts our servers from many locations.

When will it be released? I did not see it in the Wii Shop Channel yet.

Like I said, the USERS implemented a rough version as a “hack.” There are no plans for Prezi to release this on the wii.

Hi … I am also wanting to add another voice asking for Prezi on the Wii … I am gearing up to use Prezi in the classroom and I have also invested ina Wii to use in my classroom as because of the ability it gives me to move around the room while using the Wiimote as my screen clicker. I would like my students to be able to view my Prezi presentations at home in via their Wii to make the learning experience more kinetic. Is this possible yet?

Wii U???