Prezi should have a spellcheck

I think it would be a good idea to have some sort of spell check for the entire presentation. My teacher really likes prezi and has assigned a prezi for us to create, and I would feel a lot more confident about it if I knew I had a spell check to back me up.

Hi Nick

Thats a great idea. We at Prezi values our user’s feedback and request and will certainly consider this idea.

Could you tell me how you see this feature, or how would you like it to work?


My suggestion would be that incorrectly spelt words are underlined as you type, when you right click on the word you get a list of potential corrections.

Ok nick,

Thanks for the feedback. You can stay up to date on our blog about any new features we add to Prezi.


Please add Spell Check!

There should be two modes for spell check:
-turn on/off (since presumably it eats its own share of resources, but more importantly the error marks can be quite annoying, like the ones I’m getting in the GetSatisfaction editor right now)
-check whole document, eg. a one time scan

And the language setting: specific language, or auto (a presentation might contain text in more than one language, it should try to figure out each piece of text individually, though this is probably a difficult task)

-ability to set different language for certain pieces of text (if there’s no auto mode, or it can’t figure out multiple languages in single document)
-ability to exclude pieces of text from spellcheck permanently

underscore should be only visible when editing-not when play

I use Google Chrome to work in Prezi, at least having it allow the spell check in my browser to work would be a start. As an example, I really like that spell check model (used in Chrome).

Please add a spell check!

Yes, and dont charge $450 for spell check feature.

Spell check would be GREAT I use it in my class and every now and again I miss something important that I failed to spell correctly (you can imagine my embarrassment). I think it would work the way that Firefox and Chrome web browsers spell check when you write on a website in those browsers. Yet when you enter into the flash program you can no longer get the spell check that is greatly helpful. Maybe you can benchmark the practices from other web programs that offer the same service.

Another person looking for spell checker. I really like this software, but it makes me nervous to use it for anything important without a spell checker. The format of Prezi makes it especially hard to find misspelled words that you’ve left behind somewhere.

We are aware of this limitation and are thinking about how this could be remedied. for the time being, please copy the raw text into a software that does have spell checking (or prepare it there right away) and then copy it (back) into a prezi textbox.

Can you please also add a "Spell check " function to it. then it will be fantastic, My mother tongue is not English so I do make spelling mistakes, and don’t wish to be embarrassed because of spelling mistakes during my presentations, I do check what I type, but you know its always good to see computer to the job for you. :slight_smile:

Spell Check on prezi._

I agree, spell-check is essential to any type of presentation software. There should be plenty of open-source spell-check libraries available.

Not all allow themselves to be implemented in a commercial product. OpenSource isn’t always equal to “we don’t care what you use it for”. If you know specific ones, please share this info, so we can look into it.


Probably the best option is Hunspell:

It’s used by open source projects like LibreOffice, Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, and Google Chrome. It’s also used by proprietary programs such as Mac OS X, memoQ, Opera and SDL Trados.

The license is LGPL, GPL, and MPL. The LGPL license is what will interest you since that’s what allows for commercial use without having to disclose your source code.


Aspell ( is another option. It looks like it hasn’t been worked on since 2004, but the dictionary should still be the same (the English language hasn’t changed too much since then).

The license is LGPL and on the About page ( it says the software can be used for non-free projects such as Prezi.

Aha! Good to know, thanks!

spell check was suggested over 12 months ago and is still not implemented?


I think prezi should add a spell check program to this, just in case someone makes a spelling error and does not realize it.

Spell Check._

I opened you up to a community discussion. Unfortunately we still do not have this feature and it is something I would really love to see! But our team is coming out with new features all the time and working very hard on others that our users want.

Cheers and happy zooming!