Prezi Sport

I am a physical education teacher and coach in Homer, NY and have used a lot of powerpoints and more recently Prezi in teaching my high school kids. I see a huge value in an expansion of these programs in the teaching of young athletes in many sports.

For a while now I have seen the possibilities that the powerpoint could have for this, but now that I have used Prezi I think that it would benefit the teaching of young student athletes more.

I would love the opportunity to talk to someone and share my ideas on this subject.

Geoff Sorenson
Homer High School Physical Education
JV Football Coach
JH Wrestling Coach
JV Lacrosse Coach

Hi Geoff,

presenting your ideas here in public would give a lot more people the opportunity to learn, add and comment than if we do it privately.

The idea of Prezi Sport would simply be bringing the shift from chalkboards to electronic board learning in the classroom to athletics as well. Where the programs topics and templates that are chosen in a Prezi Presentation are sport specific.

Typically this is done when coaches bring student athletes into a classroom or locker room and do “chalk talk”. It becomes very time consuming having to draw the field and players. If a presentation was already created to teach different plays or formations it would save on time spent sitting and learning and more time on the field or court.

Through my experiences some student athletes learn better on the field or court and some learn better in a classroom… This would make it more feasable to bring both together and give more student athletes a postitive experience.

30 million US children participate in youth athletics and 7.3 million US high school children participate in athletices. I think this could really help those children become better student athletes.