Prezi - Taking it to the next level :)

Prezi is super cool. Thanks for student licensing. I just wish the following features are incorporated:

  1. Blinking font : Can be used for making some important text blink. This can leave a good impression in the viewer, if presented well. Easy to incorporate.
  2. Moving symbols on the chart : Prezi looks almost like a video presentation. However Moving arrow marks, symbols, texts and lines can give a “video” impression and a complete graphic package. Prezi gives an easy interface already. Hence students will find it easy to use this “graphic feature”.
  3. Student partners : You can have university connections through student partners. Student partners will take care publicizing prezi in university. These student partners may be provided some offers or incentives.
  4. Path Speed : Several users have shared their idea about the path speed. I just wondered if it was possible to have MANUAL-SMOOTH path and zoom. Having check points path(as used in prezi now) causes fast zooms, criss cross paths(not smooth) and lack of understanding in how the path is useful in the mindset of the user. I understand the simplicity as a goal in developing prezi. But these features can be optionally available. :slight_smile:
  5. Facebook Promotion : If facebook promotions for prezi is developed, there will be more users and wide spread knowledge of this awesome tool. I introduced this to my university pals, most of them havent heard of it. Also a facebook app on prezi would be wonderful (is there a possibility of displaying prezi webpage inside a facebook app webpage?). I found fan pages of prezi and prezi site but no facebook groups. :frowning:
  6. Spellcheck : I am sure many would agree to this and it will be great for people who think of whats the spelling for “entrepreneur” or “entrepruner”… :slight_smile:
  7. Appearing Lines : A recording feature can be implemented. As in, whatever you draw (using lines) is captured and it appears during the prezi presentation as though the lines are drawn. This is useful during logical explanations, correcting errors(intentionally), biology/architecture diagrams, highlighting etc.
  8. Templates : I understand that because to keep prezi simple, editable fonts and colors are not incorporated. But I wish there are more templates added( not just prezi employees) by users(we), student developers and prezi fans(creative artists :slight_smile: ) to share with others through some medium. A sub tool in prezi where in we can make templates and share/rate would be great.


Thanks, Siva.
I have relayed your ideas to our team. We are always working on a long list of user-requested features and we always post an update here when we release new features.

For #5: we have a facebook page where we post new fixes, features, and articles.

For #8:

Hope this helps

I’d really like this “moving”-feature! You could either erase something from the prezi during the presentation or just move it to another point of it. Also a text or a symbol could appear right into the presentation, without being seen before - i think especially when trying to explain the progress of something, it would be a huge help!