Prezi Template came up blank


new to prezi next.
I tried loading one of the templates and the template came up with just the words and all the images and icons are gone. How can i solve this?


same kind of problems here with two templates.
Everything looks fine at the beginning, but at the end of the loading
screen goes black and puzzle-effect or the other template effect
disappears with the background picture.

If you find the way to solve this please share.

Hello, @Eric_Teo and @Jarno_Jokela, sorry you have encountered this issue.

Could you please let us know which templates it happens with?

Also, could you please check this topic for possible solutions? If you are using Chrome version 65.0.3325.18, please check this post specifically.

Helo Lana,

Yes. I use Crome and settings are now checked and everything have been in order
from the very beginning.

I do use many kind of Prezi Next templates but yesterday I had problems with only 2 of them.
Now i discovered that 3. one (Atoms) are not loading the pictures.
Templates I also use: ice peak at the sea, open book and timeline.
All of them are working perfectly.

Templates with problem:

Prezi Next - Puzzle.
Prezi Next - Man with the dress tapping with hes finger options on the screen.
Prezi Next - Atoms.

I hope we can solve this before (Friday) the time of my presentation comes.