Prezi template disappeared together with all content


I’ve been building a Prezi using one of the new Education templates. After saving it (and a copy) yesterday, I re-opened it and found that the first page no longer has the background. As I page through the presentation, the content has also gone (although all of the pages are still there - just empty). I was able to download it as a of and this has everything. I also downloaded the executable version of the Prezi but this has some parts missing.
I’ve seen the note about disabling hardware acceleration and I’ve done this also
I’ve checked in the templates folder and that particular template is missing.

The file name is “2018S2L1 BUSN2000”. Is it possible to recover this?


I just tried something else.

I launched the Blank Template and copied into it the thumbnails of the pages from damaged Prezi. The Blank Template accepted these and revealed the original content (albeit with some formatting issues). I saved this as an untitled presentation and closed it. When I re-opened it, all blank again (but I can see the thumbnails).

PS the Education template that I was using appears in the desktop version of Prezi Next but not the App.


Hello, @Peter_Versluis. Could you please tell us the title of the template?

It could also be very helpful if you could please send us links to the presentations.


Hi Lana,

The file name is in the first note that I posted: 2018S2L1 BUSN2000

Have you seen the second note that I posted?


Yes, thank you. But we would still need the links to the presentations in question, please. That is how we can proceed with identifying the issue.


Here you go:


Thank you for the link.

The presentation has been fixed. Please let me know if you still have any issues with.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.


Thanks Lana,

Are you able to tell me what went wrong so I may avoid a similar problem?


You are very welcome.

It was a system error, however, we have made sure it would not happen again, therefore, a similar problem would not arise in the future.


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