Prezi thumbnail won't update

We have a premium account with hundreds of prezis in it but some of the prezis the thumbnail never updates when we change the first slide of the prezi. Is there a way to force it to update? Or should it happen automatically?

Hi @Tamas_Csordas, could you please let me know if these are Prezi Design documents or Prezi Present presentations? Is this all the documents or only some specific ones?

Oh sorry, these are actually Prezi Present presentations and not Prezi Design…
Only some of the presentations but it seems random which ones.
An image for example:

All four prezis are translated to Bulgarian language but only 2 of the four got updated on the thumbnail.

We changed and finalized a presentation we made before. But there is an error in the preview image, it still bears the traces of the old presentation and is not updated somehow. When I share it from places like Whatsapp facebook, the oldest picture that I don’t want appears. How to fix this error?

Hi @DN_Kreatif, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

I have contacted our developers regarding this issue and I will update this thread as soon as I have any news.

Could you please open the presentations and click on the cloud icon in the top left corner?

This should trigger the update of the thumbnail.

The button is grey and it says that All your changes are synced so I can’t click on that sadly.
edit: After changing something I could click on it and it worked now. Thanks a lot!

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It would be so, so helpful if Prezi Present thumbnails would update. I’m always stuck with the first time I leave Prezi as the thumbnail, despite that there is always a message from the cloud icon that all changes are synced, but this isn’t true for an updated thumbnail. Thanks!!

Hello @Scott_Parsons

I have merged your post to the relevant thread.

Could you please open the presentation, make a small change, and then force save it by clicking on the Cloud icon? Once you refresh the dashboard, your changed thumbnail should appear.

Hi Petra,
Thank you for your suggestion, for others who may read this. Make a change then click on the Cloud icon, even if it says that changes are synced. Then refresh the browser. That seemed to work just now.

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Hi all!

I created a Prezi for a library program about 2 years ago. I had embedded it in my google site so potential employers/library people could see the presentation/take the link to it and watch it. Now, the thumbnail image for the presentation loads into the site as nothing- just a blank white rectangle. I thought it might have something to do with permissions or a broken link, but the other Prezis linked from the same time are okay, and when I click on the broken thumbnail on my Google site, it still brings me to the presentation.

The thumbnail appears broken on my dashboard as well in Prezi, but none of the other presentations I created in that time period are presenting in the same way, they all have the normal thumbnails. I tried to redownload the Prezi giving me issues and embed it again, but the thumbnail is still broken.

This is mostly aesthetic, but I’m curious why the thumbnail is broken on this one, but not my other presentations, and that it’s broken on both my Google site AND in my Prezi dashboard.

Thanks for your help y’all!


Hi @Kayleigh_Hartnett, I’ve merged your question into the relevant topic.

Could you please check this response above? Please let me know if that helped :slight_smile: