Prezi to run automatically on website's homepage

I do not wish for the Prezi to appear and run while the site is still loading. I do want for it to automatically play once you open the site. I would like for the Prezi to be part of the homepage for the site. And for it to run automatically without the visitor having to do anything aside from typing in our web address on the address bar and pressing enter to launch it.

Thanks - our dev team reviews the ideas posted here!

And in the event that they have to start a video, how can we make sure they only have to click once and make the slides run on their own?

Also, aside from the audio options on your site, are there other ways to input sound? What about convert a Prezi into a video format? How would I go about doing this?

A screencasting software can be used to record a Prezi as a video. Common applications include HyperCam2, FRAPS, and Camtasia.