Prezi video and BlueJeans

I wonder if it is possible to use prezi video with BlueJeans. I’m trying but “Prezi Video Virtual Camera” doesn’t apper in the “Camera Select menu”.

Hi @Francisco_Javier_Ibarra_Villegas, could you please let me know if you are accessing BlueJeans from a web browser or from a dedicated application?

Are you on Windows or Mac?

Hi @Bart,

I tried to access BlueJeans with the desktop app for Windows 10.

Hi @Francisco_Javier_Ibarra_Villegas, thanks for clarifying that. Are there any other virtual cameras that are listed in BlueJeans? It is possible that BlueJeans is not supporting virtual cameras.

As a workaround, you can try to access BlueJeans from a web browser (Firefox or Google Chrome) and connect with Prezi Video that way.